Social Studies 9 – Block D

Updated 2016 06 14

Welcome to Social Studies 9 with Ms Ikeda! Class meets in Block D in Room A319.

In order to start off this semester on the right foot, please make sure that you are prepared for all lessons with the required supplies and a positive mindset.

2015-2016 SS 9 Classroom Expectations infographic

Current Unit and Essential Questions: Service Learning Inquiry Project & Revolutions

  • What can I do to make a difference in the community?
  • What are the causes and consequences of revolutions?
  • What lasting changes in our world and nation have come about as a result of revolutions?

Current Homework:

  • Work on action plan of inquiry project
  • Agam, Lauren, Navraj – Complete “Returning to Harmony” dialectical journal (Due 2016 05 10)
  • Get caught up on missing tasks

Past Learning Targets:

  •  I can identify every member of the class by name.
  • I can work collaboratively and respectfully with my classmates through activities, discussion, reading and project work.
  • I can identify and understand the different regions of North America.
  • I can understand and give examples of the key terms: topography, climate and vegetation.
  • I can label a map clearly and precisely.
  • I can describe the lifestyle, social organization and history of different First Nations groups pre-contact (before European settlers came to Canada).
  • I can use anthropological vocabulary to build an ethnography of one group.
  • I can work collaboratively and productively with classmates.
  • I can describe the relationship between First Peoples and colonists from Europe after first contact.
  • I can discuss the effects of colonialism on First Peoples and colonists from Europe.
  • I can identify reasons for the increase in immigrants to North America from 1450 to 1600.
  • I can describe how the physical environment and natural resources of Canada led to major economic activities.
  • I can explain the events that lead to the rise and fall of New France.
  • I can compare a range of points of view on a problem or topic. I can take on the point of view of a significant person and speak on our topics from their perspective.
  • I can tell the difference between primary and secondary sources and can use them to reconstruct past ways of life and determine the beliefs of the author.
  • I can describe what life was like in 17th and 18th Century England and France.
  • I can determine the significance of people, places, events and developments in our history.
  • I can compare and contrast how life changed and stayed the same as a result of the revolutions.
  • I can use primary sources like visuals, journals and statistics to understand history and society.
  • I can draw conclusions about a problem or topic and communicate my opinion effectively in written and oral form.

Past Due Homework:

  • Return signed Technology Consent form (Due 2016 02 02)
  • Think of cultural practice or tradition to present on (Due 2016 02 02)
  • Complete Day One and Two tasks (make note of supplies needed, make Gmail account, sent me a professional email, share Google Drive folder with me, create folder for Current Events inside shared folder, complete Getting to Know You questionnaire) (Due 2016 02 04)
  • Finish cultural practice slideshow and practice presentation (Presentations in class on 2016 02 04)
  • Have all supplies (Due 2016 02 09)
  • Complete Website Scavenger Hunt sheet and get signed by parent (Due 2016 02 09)
  • Complete Geographic Regions of North America chart and map. Follow mapping guidelines from notes. Label provinces and major bodies of water (except the Pacific Ocean). Colour the different regions and identify in the key. Make a symbol to represent each region, put on map and identify in the key. (Due 2016 02 15)
  • Wish You Were Here! postcard assignment (Due 2016 02 18)
  • Improved map for Geographic Regions of North America assignment (Due 2016 02 22). Late assignments will be accepted up to t0 02 22 but will not be accepted afterwards.
  • Geographic Regions quiz (Due 2016 02 22)
  • Research and work on First Peoples presentation project. (Presentations on 2016 02 25 and 26)
  • Finish crossword puzzle (Due 2016 03 01)
  • Fill in First Peoples chart with information from group slideshows (check your email for a link to the shared Google Drive folder) (Due 2016 03 01)
  • Study for quiz on First Peoples and  requiz on regional geography (Due 2016 03 02)
  • Get interim report card signed and return (Due 2016 03 07)
  • Get Chapter 7 Learning Targets sheet signed and return (Due 2016 03 07)
  • Make corrections on Chapter 6 and 7 quizzes for bonus marks (Due 2016 03 07)
  • Finish copying “The Effects of Colonization on First Nations” notes (Due 2016 04 06)
  • Bring back signed and complete volunteer driver forms, if your parent is able to drive for our field trip (Due 2016 03 11)
  • Current events presentation: Feb. 16 to April 7 (refer to sign-up sheet on bulletin board).
  • Current events articles set 1 (2 articles) due Friday April 8th at 11:59pm. Writing frame available here. Copy and paste into Google Doc.
  • Colonization project (Due 2016 04 12)
  • Bring pencil crayons to class (2016 04 14)
  • Finish “Trade Routes of the HBC and NWC in 1820” map (Due 2016 04 15)
  • Wednesday April 20th: Clean Sweep – dress for the outside and for the weather, tongs and gloves will be provided
  • Chapter 8 Learning Targets sheet (Due 2016 04 20)
  • Field trip permission letters (Due 2016 04 13)
  • Thursday April 21st or Tuesday April 26th: Surrey Food Bank – wear closed toe shoes, tie hair, if it’s long, wear appropriate clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Brainstorm a BIG list of questions about the need in the community that you chose to focus on for the inquiry project. In order to plan your action, what do you need to know about the need? What do you need to know about the community? (Due 2016 04 27)
  • Watch Global News, CBC at 6pm or 11pm to see the Surrey Food Bank segment (2016 04 26)
  • Finish reading “Returning to Harmony” by Richard Wagamese (Due 2016 05 02)
  • Field trip permission forms (Due 2016 05 04)
  • Be ready for field trip on Monday to Fleetwood Place Care Home (be prepared for the walk, rain or shine!) (2016 05 09)
  • Historical Wrongs Newspaper Assignment (Due 2016 05 11). Have all research completed for 05 05 class. Last class period to work on writing is 05 05.
  • Finish research on inquiry background questions and brainstorm big list of ideas for “What can I do to make a difference in ____ in _____?” (Due 2016 05 17)
  • Finish introduction to Chapter 2 and English society worksheet package (Due 2016 05 18)
  • Finish research on what has been done already (Due 2016 05 18)
  • Decide on specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely main objective for your service learning project and start thinking of action plan. Action plan due at the end of the block on 05 26.
  • Complete the first two sections of the French Revolution fill-in-the-blank notes (Due 2016 05 27)
  • Complete French Revolution fill-in-the-blank notes (Due 2016 05 31)
  • Fix action plans for inquiry project and resubmit (Due 2016 05 31)
  • Complete page 73-77 notes (Due 2016 06 01)
  • Complete two pages of worksheets on pages 80-85 (Revolution Devours Its Children, The Reign of Terror, Robespierre). (Due 2016 06 06)
  • Revolutions test on Tuesday June 14. Start reviewing notes!
  • Complete Q8-13 on Industrial Revolution worksheet package, Inventors and their inventions (Due 2016 06 14)