ELL field trip to Deep Cove

All ELL classes will be going on a field trip to Deep Cove in North Vancouver to hike and kayak on Monday June 4th.


There are 3 forms that must be signed and completed by parents/custodians and teachers.  The trip also costs $35 per student. Forms and money are due by Wednesday May 16th.


Clean Sweep Week

The Humanities 8 class began their stewardship of Fleetwood Park today during the city-wide Clean Sweep Week. We spent the morning picking up litter along 80 Avenue and in Fleetwood Park and collected 2 bags. As a treat for Feel Good Friday, we ended our garbage collection with 10 minutes on the playground.

We will be continuing to take care of Fleetwood Park by picking up litter every 1-2 weeks and logging how much we collect.

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Houses of Worship field trip

What a day it was! We visited four houses of worship: a Hindu temple, Muslim mosque, Sikh gurdwara and Christian church with the rest of the grade 8 class. At each site, we got to take in new sights and learn about each religion from an expert. We were even fortunate enough to take part in langar and have a wonderful meal at the gurdwara. The students asked good questions and were respectful and open-minded participants in the experience. I look forward to hearing your impressions of the trip tomorrow.

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Humanities 8 Field Trip to Surrey Food Bank

A reminder to Humanities 8 students going to the Food Bank on Monday or Tuesday.

Please meet the class by the gym doors at 9am. You will not need your bag with you.

Monday group: Janelle, Jayden, Jodi, Kenzie, Steven, Emily, Areesha, Dapinder, Harsh, Risham, Tommy, Jasmit

Tuesday group: Deeya, Pearl, Jovan, Mya, Keagan, Saaya, Ridhwan, Joel, Ella, Ibby, Evan, Hannah



Welcome back!

Welcome back to school! I hope that you had a relaxing vacation and are ready to tackle the last three months of this school year.

We will be doing a lot of interesting things in our classes so make sure you are ready and willing to learn!