Third Snow Day of the Week!

What a week it has been! I woke up to surprising news on the school district superintendent’s Twitter account that Surrey Schools were closed for the third day this week. I hope you are all staying safe and avoiding walking or driving.


Maintenance staff and grounds crew are at schools clearing snow and making it safe for us when we return. Make sure to show your appreciation for their hard work by thanking them and being considerate of them when we return to school.

Congratulations on a successful semester!


This is how I feel after I finish writing a test on the last day of the semester!

Congratulations on finishing the semester up strong with a inquiry project or persuasive essay and final exam in the final week. I hope you enjoy your three days of rest before we jump into the second semester.

I’m looking forward to English 10 with many of you next semester!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome back to school!


We only have 4 more weeks left in semester 1 so please make sure you are caught up on all of your assignments so your last weeks aren’t stressful. There will be many exams and projects in all of your classes so be prepared for a busy few weeks ahead.

Missing work notes and the holidays

Dear parents and custodians,

All students who have late work for ELL DEEX or ELL Writing 10 received homework notes today. The items that are checked off have not been handed in. Students must complete them over the break and hand them in on our first day back, Tuesday January 3, 2017.


Dear students,

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and are refreshed and recharged for 2017. We have 4 more weeks of our current courses so we need to end off strong!

See you on the 3rd!

Report cards

Report cards were handed out to students in their homerooms today. Please ask your child to see the reports. If you would like to contact one of your child’s teachers, you can find their email addresses on the school website.

Students that are struggling in their classes should work to improve their grades by:

  • being organized in class (organized binder, notes, homework)
  • participating in class (asking and answering questions, paying attention and taking useful notes)
  • talking to their teachers if they have questions about concepts, assignments or projects
  • going to Homework Club after school in the LST Room
  • going to Math peer tutoring in the morning and after school
  • talking to their ELL caseload manager (me, Mr. McLoughlin or Ms. Wilson) to get extra help