HACE 9 Block D2

HACE 9 meets in Block D2 in Room M114 (Technology room).

Important files: 

HACE 9 Overview and classroom expectations (Word document)

May marks the beginning of our next unit : Strength of Character. This unit focuses on having a positive outlook and picking yourself up after you fail at something. We will be exploring the essential question: How do happy and successful people overcome challenges in their lives?

You are expected to stay on top of your assignments, particularly when you miss a class. See the assignment list below and take responsibility for getting your work done.

Current assignments:

  • 100 Happy Days (started on 05/13/14. Finished on 06/06/14 at Day 25)
  • unit checklist will be collected at the beginning of class on Friday June 6th

Past due assignments:

Introduction to HACE and Healthy Relationships Unit

  • give blog address slip to parents and get Course Expectations sheet signed (02/07/14)
  • complete Getting to Know You sheet (02/07/14)
  • bring all supplies (02/12/14)
  • organize duotang with labelled dividers and paper (02/14/14)
  • Circle of Relationships, Things I Like About Myself mind map (completed in class 02/14/14)
  • Cocky vs. Confident two-column chart (Health for Life p. 60), 3 Things I Learned (p. 59-61) (completed in class, 02/18/14)
  • A Friendly Quiz (p. 64) (completed in class, 02/20/14)
  • 3 Things I Learned (p. 63-66), 2 column chart: What a Good Communicator Does vs. What a Poor Communicator Does (completed in class, 02/25/14)
  • course selection forms signed and completed (due 03/03/14)
  • Are You An Ace Communicator? Quick Quiz (p 72), 3 Things I Learned (p. 67-72) (completed in class, 03/03/14)
  • Healthy Relationships unit key term definitions (completed in class, 03/05/14)
  • all Healthy Relationships assignments collated and submitted with self-evaluation (due on 03/07/14)
  • Six Steps to Keeping the Peace planning and 8 panel comic strip (due 03/13/14)

Personal Safety Unit

  • new divider in binder: Personal Safety (03/31/14)
  • Living Safely (brainstorm of risk and hazards you encounter each day, choose one activity, list specific risks associated with that activity and then how you can prevent or avoid those risks). Minimum 5 points per section. (completed in class, 03/31/14)
  • BAK-up Plan worksheet (completed in class, 03/31/14)
  • Risks and Benefits of Using the Internet two-column chart. Minimum 10 points per side. (completed in class, 04/02/14)
  • Facebook Creeping (completed in class, 04/02/14)
  • 3 Things I Learned p. 97-99 (completed in class, 04/04/14)
  • Journal response: Online Safety Tips (completed in class, 04/08/14)
  • Common Causes of Injury brainstorm (completed in rows, 04/08/14)
  • Spot the Hazard (completed in groups in class, 04/08/14)
  • Rights and Responsibilities scenarios (completed in groups in class, 04/10/14)
  • Personal Safety pop quiz (in class, 04/14/14)
  • 6 Things I Learned: Be A Survivor (completed in class, 04/14/14)
  • Personal Safety Unit Definitions (started in class, 04/14/14. Completed in class, 04/30/14. 9 words in total)
  • Power Imbalance worksheet (completed in class, 04/14/14)
  • Power Imbalance Looks Like, Sounds Like, Feels Like 3- column chart (completed in class, 04/16/14)
  • Abusive Behaviour 4 column chart (completed in class, 04/22/14)
  • What Would You Do? journal response (completed in class, 04/24/14)
  • Alcohol graffiti wall (completed in class in groups, 04/24/14)
  • What’s the Worst That Could Happen? worksheet (completed in class, 04/28/14)
  • Supporting A Friend script (completed in class, 04/30/14)
  • Unit checklist (collected in class, 05/05/14)
  • BAK-up Plan brochure summative assessment project (due on 05/13/14)

Strength of Character Unit

  • unit title page with acrostic poem, HACE 9, D2 and Strength of Character (completed in class, 05/13/14)
  • Selena’s Challenge (completed in class, 05/20/14)
  • 3 Things I Learned p. 76-79 (completed in class, 05/20/14), p.82-84 (completed in class, 05/22/14), p. 86-87 (completed in class, 05/27/14)
  • Resiliency Toolbox worksheet (completed in class, 05/20/14)
  • Key term definitions (completed in class, 05/20/14) (5 words in total)
  • Risk assessment worksheet (completed in class, 05/22/14)
  • Stress article jigsaw notes (completed in class in groups, 05/22/14)
  • Stress Survey table and tally of 20 student responses (started in class on 05/27/14, completed for homework)
  • Sleep Tips worksheet (read and completed in class on 05/27/14)
  • Stress Survey bar graph (completed in class, 06/02/14)

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