ELL Writing 10 – Blocks A & D

Updated: Jan. 26, 2016

Welcome to ELL Writing 10 with Ms Ikeda! Classes meet in Blocks A or D in Portable 47

In order to start off this semester on the right foot, please make sure that you are prepared for all lessons with the required supplies and a positive mindset.

Scroll down to see the course outline and expectations, information on the current unit, essential question, learning targets and homework.




Current Unit and Essential Questions: Persuasive Essays

Big Idea: Language shapes ideas and influences others.

Essential Question:

  • What are the different techniques of convincing an audience in speaking and writing
  • What contentious societal issue is relevant and meaningful to me right now?

Current Learning Targets:

  • I can verbally convey my point of view with evidence.
  • I can respectfully and effectively respond to opposing ideas.
  • I can write a thesis statement that clearly argues my point.
  • I can make a clear and structured plan for my writing and speaking.
  • I can create a properly formatted MLA style bibliography and cite my sources in my writing.
  • I can write and edit my work for Canadian conventions of spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure.

Current Homework:

Past Due Homework:

  • Finish About Me Student Survey (Due 09/08)
  • Finish Website Scavenger Hunt (Due 09/09)
  • Remember names of classmates and teacher (Due 09/09)
  • Bring all class supplies (Due 09/13)
  • Give parent/guardians information sheets (Due 09/12)
  • Get Technology Letter signed and return to Ms Ikeda (Due 09/13)
  • Finish setting up binder, duotang and portfolio with correctly labeled dividers (Due 09/14)
  • The Story of Me portfolio design and presentation (Due 09/19)
  • Block D – Complete Formal and Informal Occasions chart (Due 09/23)
  • Write two text message conversations. One with a friend inviting him/her to go out, the other with your parent asking for permission to go out. (Due 09/27)
  • Write a professional email to me (msjikeda@gmail.com) telling me what you would like to learn in this course this year. Emails will not be accepted unless the golden rules from class are followed (Due 09/28 at 11:59pm)
  • Find the meanings of the phrasal verbs on your vocabulary sheet (you should have one column of words). (Due 10/03)
  • Complete Section 3 of phrasal verbs package (Due 10/04)
  • Finish copying “Letter of Interest/Application Letter” notes (Due 10/05)
  • Finish page one of phrasal verbs vocabulary chart (Due 10/05)
  • Finish letter of interest revision worksheet (Due 10/06)
  • Block A – finish brainstorm for email to employer (Due 10/11)
  • Finish phrasal verbs worksheet (Unit 133) (Due 10/12)
  • Phrasal verbs quiz (On Fri 10/14)
  • Block D – Phrasal verbs quiz (postponed to Monday 10/17)
  • Block A – Finish plan and brainstorm for formal letter of complaint (Due 10/18)
  • Finish notes on what causes earthquakes (Due 10/28)
  • Get interim signed and return (Due 11/02)
  • Get Informal and Formal Writing Unit Learning Targets sheet signed and return (Due 11/07)
  • Block A – complete Adjectives worksheet (Due 11/07)
  • Finish Order of Adjectives worksheet (Due 11/08)
  • Dress for an outdoor walk tomorrow. Rain or shine! (11/08)
  • Finish order of adjectives worksheet (Due 11/14)
  • Finish clustering activity (Due 11/14)
  • Quiz on adjective order (11/15)
  • Quiz on Vocabulary List #1 (spelling and meanings) (11/16)
  • Quiz on Vocab List #2 (11/21)
  • Block A – Finish similes worksheet (Due 11/23)
  • Vocabulary List #3 Quiz (11/24)
  • Block A – finish section A, B and C on pages 60-61 of grammar work (Due 11/24)
  • Block A – bring coloured pencils or highlighters (11/25)
  • Block A – finish Part 3 grammar work (Due 11/25)
  • Block D – bring coloured pencils or highlighters (5 different colours) (11/28)
  • Finish cluster map brainstorm for descriptive paragraph (Due 11/29)
  • Quiz on Vocabulary list #4 (11/29)
  • Vocabulary list #5 quiz (12/02)
  • Finish adjective clauses sentences (Section 2B of grammar package) (Due 12/07)
  • Vocabulary list #6 quiz (rescheduled for 12/08)
  • Finish metaphor worksheets (Due 12/08)
  • Grade 11s in Block D – complete Adjective Clauses workbook (Due 12/09)
  • Decide who you will write your extended metaphor on and complete the Sensory Web brainstorm sheet with adjectives to describe that person (Due 12/12)
  • Vocabulary list #7 quiz (12/13)
  • Complete “My Holiday Memory” planning sheet (Due 12/15)
  • Sign and return completed Descriptive Writing Unit Learning Targets sheet (Due 12/16)
  • Get caught up on missing work (01/03)
  • Vocabulary list #8 quiz (01/05)
  • Prepare for debates on Tuesday (Due 01/10)
  • Vocabulary list #9 quiz (01/11)
  • Finish page 7 of Persuasive Writing package (thesis statements and topic sentences work) (Due 01/12)
  • Vocabulary list #10 quiz (01/16)
  • Continue research on your persuasive essay topic. All research notes must be handed in with your draft or it will not be marked. A Works Cited page must also be handed in with your draft or it will not be marked. Drafts will be written in class on Wednesday and Thursday. No cell phones allowed.
  • Finish sentence fragments worksheet (Due 01/23)
  • Finish run-on sentences worksheet (Due 01/24)
  • Study for final exam on 01/26 (Thursday). See list of exam topics.

Past Learning Targets:

  • I can identify the different purposes of texts and the audience for which they are intended.
  • I can use writing processes to plan and write clear informational texts for a variety of purposes and audiences.
  • I can reflect on, assess and refine texts to improve their clarity, effectiveness and impact according to purpose, audience and message.
  • I can use the rules of Canadian spelling, grammar and punctuation in my writing.
  • I can use different voices and styles to suit the purpose of my writing (formal and informal language, vocabulary and style).
  • I can write in a variety of formats for a real-world purpose (text messages, emails, informal and formal letters).
  • I can use regular and irregular present and past tense verbs correctly.
  • I know a variety of informal phrasal verbs and their more formal one-word synonyms.
  • I can write sentences in the active and passive voice.
  • I can define and give an example of the following terms: abbreviation, active sentence, audience, colloquial, contraction, diction, jargon, passive sentence, purpose, slang, style, tone.
  • I can observe and note details that appeal to the five senses.
  • I can creatively use and correctly order adjectives to describe a person, place or experience.
  • I can use figurative language like metaphors, similes and personification to describe a person, place or experience.
  • I can describe the spatial order of a place using suitable prepositional phrases.
  • I can describe a person, place or experience using equative, comparative and superlative adjectives.
  • I can use the writing process to plan, develop and refine engaging and meaningful descriptive texts.
  • I can reflect on, assess and refine texts to improve their clarity, effectiveness and impact.
  • I can use the conventions of Canadian spelling, grammar and punctuation proficiently.