ELL Jumpstart Academic Language

ELL Jumpstart Academic Language meets in Block B in S205 (ELL room).

The students successfully created games and toys that make use of different types of force. We had a fun day playing with each group’s creation. Our next two classes will focus on unit review for our test on Wednesday May 14th.

Ahead of us, is our final Science unit on Nutrition and the Digestive System. We will be getting to know how to use a textbook, how to read and construct graphic organizers like flow charts and Venn diagrams. We will also be focusing on the food groups and how our body uses the food we eat.

Important files:

ELL Jumpstart 2 Supplies, classroom expectations (Word document)

Current assignments:

Past due assignments:

Introduction and Materials and their Uses Unit

  • all supplies in class (02/07/14)
  • Getting to Know You sheet completed and course expectations sheet signed (02/07/14)
  • duotangs and binders fully organized with labelled dividers and paper (02/14/14)
  • Humpty Dumpty Protection Plan experiment write-up, captioned photos (completed in class, 02/25/14)
  • Steps to Planning a Good Experiment (completed in class, 02/26/14)
  • How Far Can You Go? stretchiness experiment (completed in class, 03/11/14)
  • What is the best material for the job? experiment planning (completed in class, 03/14/14)

Forces and Friction Unit

  • Testing the Friction of Shoes on Different Surfaces investigation and bar graph (completed in class, 04/08/14)
  • Quiz on friction (04/10/14)
  • High and Low Friction that is Useful and Not Useful sort (completed in class, 04/10/14)
  • Testing Water Resistance Using PlayDoh (completed in class, 04/14/14)
  • Water Resistance notes and diagram (completed in class, 04/15/14)
  • Water Resistance experiment bar graph (completed in class, 04/16/14)
  • Journal response: What I Learned About Air Resistance (completed in class, 04/17/14)
  • Group planning and completion of air resistance experiment using parachutes (completed)
  • Making use of force game/toy unit project (completed, 05/09/14)
  • Unit test (05/14/14)

Nutrition and Digestion Unit



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