ELL DEEX – Block C

Updated: Jan. 26, 2017

Welcome to ELL DEEX with Ms Ikeda! Class meets in Block C in Portable 479.

In order to start off this semester on the right foot, please make sure that you are prepared for all lessons with the required supplies and a positive mindset.

Scroll down to see the course outline and expectations, information on the current unit, essential question, learning targets and homework.

Fall 2016 DEEX Classroom Expectations

Current Unit and Essential Questions: The Rights of the Child Inquiry Unit

Big Idea: Questioning what wear hear, read and view contributes to our ability to be educated and engaged citizens.

Essential Questions:

  • What rights should all people have?
  • In our world, why don’t all people have the same rights?
  • What can I do to help people who are denied their rights?

Current Learning Targets:

  • I can ask thoughtful and clear questions that will help me in my research.
  • I can find useful and accurate information from print and online sources that answers my questions.
  • I can use information and ideas from different sources to build understanding.
  • I can use the appropriate features of my chosen form of writing or presenting to suit my audience, purpose and message.
  • I can present information and my ideas clearly and with confidence.
  • I can use the writing process to plan, create and improve my own written text.
  • I can work productively and cooperatively in a group to share ideas and complete tasks.

Current Homework:

Past Due Homework:

  • Finish About Me Student Survey (Due 09/08)
  • Finish Website Scavenger Hunt (Due 09/09)
  • Send Ms Ikeda an email to say hello (Due 11:59pm 09/09)
  • Remember names of classmates and teacher (Due 09/09)
  • Bring all class supplies (Due 09/13)
  • Give parent/guardians information sheets (Due 09/12)
  • Get Technology Letter signed and return to Ms Ikeda (Due 09/13)
  • Finish setting up binder, duotang and portfolio with correctly labeled dividers (Due 09/14)
  • The Story of Me portfolio design and presentation (Due 09/19)
  • Complete feelings vocabulary and picture chart (Due 09/23)
  • Study emotions vocabulary from Inside Out (Quiz on 10/05)
  • Finish Simple Present Tense worksheet (Due 10/05)
  • Finish “Brain Power” worksheet (Due 10/06)
  • Complete modal verbs worksheets (Due 10/17)
  • Practice and memorize scripts (Performances in class on 10/20 and 10/24)
  • Grade 9s – bring signed and completed blue Take Our Kids to Work Day form back (Due 10/26)
  • Bring pencil crayons (Every day for the rest of the unit)
  • Get interim signed and return (Due 11/02)
  • Grade 8, 10, 11s – finish plot diagram for Akeelah and the Bee (add her emotions for each event)
  • Complete Exercise 2-4 on verb tense review package (Due 11/09)
  • Complete The Breadwinner WebQuests #1-5 (Due 11/14). Link to WebQuests
  • Draw “A Day in the Life of… A Canadian Child & An Afghan Child” (Due 11/15)
  • Finish Chapter 1 vocabulary (Due 11/16)
  • Finish Chapter 2 vocabulary (Due 11/17)
  • Finish Chapter 3 questions and vocabulary (Due 11/21)
  • Study Chapter 1-3 vocabulary. Quiz coming soon.
  • Tom Le and Jerry Ma portfolio presentations (11/24)
  • Finish Chapter 4 questions and vocabulary (11/23)
  • Chapter 1-4 vocabulary quiz (11/24)
  • Complete Chapter 5 vocabulary work (word, part of speech, definition and example sentence) (Due 11/28) – expect (v.); to be considered (v.); to pause (v.); circumstance (n.); obediently (adv.); relief (n.); warily (adv.); stride (n.); source (n.); eternity (n.)
  • Draw, colour and label UN Convention of Children’s Rights poster (Due 11/28)
  • Finish Chapter 5 questions for The Breadwinner (Due 12/02)
  • Read Chapter 6 and complete questions (Due 12/05)
  • Complete Chapter 7 vocabulary (Due 12/06)
  • Finish Chapter 7 questions (Due 12/07)
  • Highlight or * the topics you will use in your friendly letter to Parvana (Due 12/08)
  • Complete questions 1-10 and inference question on Malala Yousafzai (Due 12/15)
  • Grade 9s – sign and return immunization forms (Due 12/16)
  • Read Chapters 8-11 of The Breadwinner and complete the vocabulary and question work (Due 01/03)
  • Vocabulary quiz on Chapters 8-11 (01/06). Study using your vocabulary sheets and Quizlet.
  • Read Chapter 12 and finish questions and vocabulary (Due 01/09)
  • Finish Venn diagram comparing and contrasting Parvana and Malala. Highlight 2-3 of the most significant similarities and 2-3 of the most significant differences for your essay (Due 01/09)
  • Finish Parvana and Malala compare and contrast  essay plan (Due 01/10)
  • Read Chapter 13 and complete questions and vocabulary work (Due 01/12)
  • Read Chapter 14 and complete vocabulary and questions (Due 01/16)
  • Finish reading Chapter 15 and complete questions (Due 01/17)
  • Get The Breadwinner learning targets sheet signed (Due 01/18)
  • Study chapters 12-15 vocabulary. (Test on 01/23)
  • Finish research on your 4 inquiry project questions.Create a Works Cited list to show where you got your information from (Due 01/24)
  • Work on communication of your inquiry questions and answers. Have Works Cited and research notes ready to hand in (Due 01/26)
  • The Breadwinner vocabulary quiz retest – show Ms Ikeda proof that you studied for one of the tests and you can rewrite one of them (Chapters 1-5; 8-11 or 12-15). Quiz format will be writing example sentences using vocabulary words. (optional: 01/26)

Past Learning Targets:

  • I can use precise vocabulary to describe a large range of emotions.
  • I can correctly use adjectives ending with –ed and –ing.
  • I can write paragraphs in present, present continous and past tense using regular and irregular verbs.
  • I can write sentences using modal verbs like “could” and “should.”
  • I can write a descriptive piece that shows the change in emotion or mood.
  • I can act in a role play with a partner and speak using emotion and intonation in my voice.
  • I can read or view a text and identify the key parts of the plot: introduction, initial incident, rising action, climax, falling action and conclusion.
  • I can identify the protagonist, antagonist and conflict of a story.
  • I can understand that different characters have different perspectives and emotions and why they feel a certain way.
  • I can use at least one mindfulness strategy to regulate my own emotions.
  • I can use a variety of reading strategies to understand written texts.
  • I can read fiction and non-fiction texts and find meaning and connections between them.
  • I can write a clear and engaging compare and contrast paragraph.
  • I can identify and discuss literary elements of a fiction text.
  • I can respond to text in personal, creative and critical ways (letters, role plays, discussions, reviews, responses, etc.)
  • I can work productively and cooperatively in a group to share ideas and complete tasks.
  • I can use the writing process to plan, create and improve engaging and meaningful texts.
  • I can use rules of Canadian spelling, grammar and punctuation proficiently.
  • I can write several kinds of conditional sentences.
  • I can understand and use new vocabulary from the text.