Students in ELL 2 are working on expanding their vocabulary and further developing their reading, writing and speaking skills so that they can be more successful in all of their courses. A strong emphasis is put on learning how to write clear and effective paragraphs and compositions.

ELL 2 is in Period 3 in D204. We have a peer tutor in our class: Gabriel.

On this page, you will find information about our future plans, what we have learned and homework assignments. Please check back often!


Updated on 12/02/14


  • Finish Adjectives Lesson 49-53 (12/04/14)
  • Silent reading project (in class work). Everyone must be finished reading their silent reading book!
  • Plot diagram (12/03/14)
  • Current Events (12/01/14). Last chance to hand it in is 12/03/14
  • Study for spelling tests every Friday

This week, we learned about:

  • How to ask and answer simple questions about each other
  • Remembrance Day
  • Ms. Ikeda’s 3 Rules to Live By: Be observant, Be considerate, Be positive
  • Oral presentation skills
  • Writing paragraphs: My Rule to Live By
  • Adjectives: Lesson 49 (describing nouns and limiting adjectives like a and an), Lesson 50 (proper adjectives), Lesson 51 (demonstrative adjectives like this, that, these, those), Lesson 52 (comparative and superlative adjectives), Lesson 53 (comparing using more and most; less and least)
  • Paragraph structure: topic sentence, details and concluding sentence
  • Transitions
  • Silent reading project: character sketch (describing the qualities of a character), plot diagram
  • Phonics: ay, May I play?; ee, What can you see?; igh, Fly high; oo, Poo at the zoo; oo, Look at a book; ow, Blow the snow; or, Shut the door; ar, Start the car; air, That’s not fair; ou, Shout it out; ir, Whirl and twirl; oy, Toy for a boy.

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