Welcome to a new school year!

Welcome to all Dragons! It’s wonderful to see many familiar and new faces in my classes.

Today was our first official day and it was a busy one. I hope all of you were able to wake up on time and find all of your classes. Make sure to get all of your school supplies this week so that you are organized and ready to learn.

Good luck this school year and I look forward to working with all of you!



Happy Summer Vacation!

Summer-Vacation-2Congratulations on completing another school year! I hope you all are able to accomplish some of your summer goals over the next two months. Many of you are taking classes but I hope you also give yourself time to relax and unwind after a long school year.

ELL students can come to P3 on Wednesday to pick up their portfolios, duotangs and marked work.

Grade 8 and 9s – MyBlueprint work due next week

All grade 8s and 9s have been on MyBlueprint.com working on Core Competencies assignments throughout this semester. Your final two assignments on Core Competencies reflection and Jesse Miller’s presentation on social media are posted. You must complete all assignments by next week when you will be expected to showcase your work.

Ms Ikeda’s Block D class will be doing their showcase on May 31.

Humanities 8 Field Trip to Surrey Food Bank

A reminder to Humanities 8 students going to the Food Bank on Monday or Tuesday.

Please meet the class by the gym doors at 9am. You will not need your bag with you.

Monday group: Janelle, Jayden, Jodi, Kenzie, Steven, Emily, Areesha, Dapinder, Harsh, Risham, Tommy, Jasmit

Tuesday group: Deeya, Pearl, Jovan, Mya, Keagan, Saaya, Ridhwan, Joel, Ella, Ibby, Evan, Hannah



Welcome back!

Welcome back to school! I hope that you had a relaxing vacation and are ready to tackle the last three months of this school year.

We will be doing a lot of interesting things in our classes so make sure you are ready and willing to learn!

Happy 2018!

Happy New Year and welcome back to school!

The ELL 1 class counted and we only have 12 more school days after today until the end of the semester. For full-year classes like Humanities, it will be business as usual but for semester classes, they will be ending on January 24. Semester 2 will start on January 29th with a Flex Day.

I’m looking forward to a good year and hope that we can work hard to make this a great start.