Block C – ELL 2

Updated: January 23, 2018

Welcome to ELL 2 with Ms Ikeda! Class meets in Portable 3 (formerly P479) in Block C.

In order to start the semester on the right foot, please make sure that you are prepared for all lessons with the necessary supplies and a positive attitude.

Scroll down to see the course outline and expectations, information on the current unit, essential questions, learning targets and homework.


Current Unit: Informational texts

Current Homework:

  • Prepare for portfolio conferences on Jan. 22-24 by completing handouts

Past Due Homework:

  • Remember everyone’s name (Due 09/08)
  •  Bring signed Technology Consent form (Due 09/11)
  • Bring all school supplies (Due 09/11)
  • Ask parents for the story of your name (Due 09/13)
  • Grade 8 students – Return Grade 8 Retreat permission form and $60 (Due 09/20
  • Finish Terry Fox chart (Due 09/21)
  • Finish Terry Fox draft (Due 09/26)
  • Finish portfolio cover (Due 10/02)
  • Finish portfolio cover and rehearse presentation (Due 10/03)
  • Finish Simple Present Tense Exercise 4 (Due 10/05)
  • Finish “Thanks For All Things” poem (3 stanzas) (Due 10/10)
  • Finish good copy of your group’s story. All students must complete a good copy (Due 10/25)
  • Complete La Llorona and The Black Lady of Bradley Woods questions (Due 10/27)
  • Bring a traditional scary story from your home country in your home language (book, printed or written out) (Due 10/30)
  • Finish Story Map on your traditional scary story (Due 11/01)
  • Return signed interim (Due 11/01)
  • Finish writing your traditional scary story plan for your home language (Due 11/07)
  • Good copy of your dual language book – English, your home language, title page and coloured pictures (Due 11/15)
  • Unit test on grammar (present tense, past tense, prepositions of time) and writing (story, routine) (11/20)
  • Finish drawing image for Academic Vocabulary keyword (for volunteers only) (Due 11/27)
  • Finish question 2-3 on page 249 Reading Check (Due 12/11)
  • Study Academic Vocabulary on Quizlet. (Quiz on 12/14)
  • Finish States of Matter vocabulary chart (Due 12/13)
  • Finish “What’s the matter?” worksheet (Due 12/19)
  • Finish Reading Check page 253 questions 1-4 (Due 12/20)
  • Finish “Expand and Contract” worksheet (Due 12/20)
  • Academic Vocabulary rewrite opportunity. You must show proof that you have studied to write the test again. (At lunch on 12/21).
  • Complete questions 1-10 on page 259 (Due 01/08)
  • States of Matter unit test (On 01/09/2018): ELL 2 Holiday Homework
  • Bring back course selection sheet with parent email and signature (Due 01/12)