Block B – ELL 1

Updated: November 21, 2017

Welcome to ELL 1 with Ms Ikeda! Class meets in Portable 3 (also called P479) in Block B.

Please come prepared for all lessons with all of your school supplies and a positive attitude.

Scroll down to see the course outline and expectations, information on the current unit, essential questions, learning targets and homework.

 ELL 1 Class Expectations infographic

Current Unit: Community 

Current Homework:

  • Quiz on writing numbers 1-100 in words (On 11/22)

Past Due Homework:

  •  Remember everyone’s name (Due 09/08)
  • Bring back signed Technology Consent form (Due 09/11)
  • Bring all school supplies (Due 09/12)
  • Finish class rules poster (Due 09/14)
  • Grade 8 students – Return Grade 8 Retreat permission form and $60 (Due 09/20)
  • Quiz: Classroom objects vocabulary (On 10/02)
  • Penmanship practice for Jafar, Leena, Gena, Daniel, Justin, Min, Andrew, Jay (Due 10/02)
  • Finish page 45 (Due 10/04)
  • Quiz: Days of the week, dates, calendar sentences (On 10/06)
  • Finish “What I Am Thankful For…” alphabet list (Due 10/10)
  • Quiz: Shapes and colours (On 10/23)
  • Portfolio cover design (Due 10/23)
  • Finish Describing Flags writing (Due 10/25)
  • Grade 9 students: Hand in your Take Our Kids to Work Day blue forms (Due 10/25)
  • Finish drawing your self-portrait (Due 10/30)
  • Think of a scary monster from your home country (Due 10/30)
  • Return signed interim (Due 11/01)
  • Finish good copy of Description of My Appearance (Due 11/02)
  • Draw and colour a picture of a monster from your home country (Due 11/06)
  • Finish translations for Monsters ‘Round the World vocabulary sheet (Due 11/07)
  • Finish draft paragraph (at least 10 sentences) on what your monster looks like (Due 11/08)
  • Finish good copy of monster paragraphs (Due 11/14)
  • label new divider “Community” and organize your binder (Due 11/16)