FPSS 20th Annual Writing Contest

Calling all writers of Fleetwood Park!

Enter your favourite piece of poetry or prose to this year’s Writing Contest for a chance at a prize and lots of recognition. Prizes will be awarded to first place entries in each category and certificates of honourable mention to runners up. All winning entries will be forwarded to the Surrey School District’s contest.

The rules:

  1. Typed on 8.5×11 paper, one-sided in a simple, readable font.
  2. Prose entries must be double spaced with a maximum of 1500 words (or 6 pages).
  3. Each entry must have a title.
  4. Each entry must have a cover sheet with your name, grade, teacher and category (prose or poetry).
  5. No name on other sheets.
  6. Entries become property of FPSS and will not be returned.
  7. Entries due by Friday May 20th to me or Ms Beaton in Room A215.

Some of you have solid pieces already. Try tweaking them and submitting them to the contest. Happy writing!


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