Grade 10 Work Experience

The 1.5 week work experience is starting tomorrow. I hope all grade 10s have done all of the preparatory work required:

  1. Submit signed contracts
  2. Update your cover letter with name, company and date for your work experience
  3. Go on interview
  4. Set up your work hours with your supervisor
  5. Meet your teacher mentor (find out who it is outside the Career Ed office – Room A220)
  6. Take the green, beige and purple WEX packages with you to work and make sure to fill in the work hours log sheet every shift (get signed)

Most importantly, I hope it is a great learning experience for you all. Make sure to introduce yourself to your co-workers and learn their names. They will be an invaluable resource to you while on the job. Also, learn and follow proper safety procedures so that you have an accident-free work experience.

Good luck!


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