Congratulations on completing the first semester!

The final days of the semester went by in a flash. I hope you took Friday evening to relax and give yourselves a pat on the back for making it through. The classes ended kind of anti-climactically at the bell, but I’d like to thank you for being wonderful classes. I think we achieved our goal of having happy and successful classrooms this semester!

Some of you haven’t quite reached the end yet as the English 10 provincial is coming up on Tuesday morning at 8:15am. Remember to be here by 8:15 with your Go-Card (or other photo ID), 2 pencils, 2 pens and an eraser. Leave all other materials in your locker or at home. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep on Monday and to spend these last days leading up to the exam getting as prepared as you can for the test. There are old exams online with answer keys at and You can think of ideas for your written composition using the “Preparing for the Composition” worksheet from Thursday’s class.

Grade 10 students at 59% and below and grade 9 students with 49% and below are required to attend I sessions from 12-3pm in A319 (Mr. Ghuman’s classroom). You are to come with your materials and ready to work in order to complete assignments. You’ve put in 5 months of time into your course so make sure you put in a solid effort in these last two days so you can continue onto the next level of the course. Summer school is not a fun place to be! Phone calls have been made home to all students who are required to attend. If you do not attend the sessions, the principal and vice principals will be notified.

Students who are looking to improve their marks, you still have a chance! All late assignments can be submitted until Tuesday at 3pm. You may also resubmit work that you have improved (except for in-class writing assignments and quizzes). The original piece of work with the assessment must be handed in with it.


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