Happy New Year!

It feels like I say this every year but 2014 really seemed to fly by! Now that we are 4 days into 2015 and the reminiscing about the past year and the excitement of the holidays has died down, I feel like I can get down to tackling my long list of to-dos and resolutions.

For the past few years, I have made a point of writing a big list of resolutions that are attainable and quantifiable. I have had a lot more success because I am able to track my progress and I feel like it’s made my years feel more fulfilling and productive. Some examples of my 2015 goals include reading 20 books, doing some sort of physical activity at least twice a week, donating clothes at least three times, and sending out Christmas cards to my friends around the world. I split my goals up into categories so that I am not focusing too heavily on one aspect of my life or neglecting another. I print off my resolutions and have them posted on my wall so that I can easily revisit them and check goals off as I reach them. For a person who loves making lists and checking things off of them, this way of goal-setting is just right.

Calvin and Hobbes resolutions

Another way of writing resolutions that I found online was this style:


Starting off each resolution with a different active verb helps make your list balanced and perhaps more adventurous. For the printable, go to http://www.artbarblog.com/create/this-year-resolutions/.

The last style of writing resolutions that might be more fitting for you is a two-column chart with the headings “Less” and “More.” It keep things concise and easy-to-read.

 Less and More resolutions

I hope all of you have a happy 2015 and do many things that will make this year productive and memorable!


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